furred wings flutter under a

smirking moon

only a hum, a buzz

a thousand tiny heartbeats in a thousand tiny streets

the breath of life in an unconscious city

patterned wings cloaked in the pitch of the sky

caressing bodies, each other

with a whisper of a touch

a camouflage of browns and blacks

specks of white of blue

laying their symmetrical patterns on lampposts and signs

resting, sleeping under the lullaby of lights

one by one they kiss the illuminated pictures

the glass barriers

the translucent windows

they kiss them all with fuzzed mouths and thin limbs


a sunrise

pink and purple and a scorch of orange

streaking, chasing that smirking moon away

a final kiss, one last caress of wings against glass

against each other

one last moment


thousands upon thousands upon thousands of

hearts waking, pulsing, pounding

to scare them away and claim the day

they rise as one leaving a thousand tiny streets as a single breath

a hush

a whisper of a forgotten touch

they flutter away from the cresting sun

as far as their furred little wings could take them


until the next night

they flickered in their cavern



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