Welcome to another Top Ten post! Hosted by the lovely Broke & Bookish, this week’s theme is Ten Bookish Resolutions/Goals. I sort of touched on what my goals for this year are in my first post of the year over here, so today I’ll be gravitating towards the resolution side of things with a do’s and don’ts list.

Here we go!

1: Don’t put my creative writing hat on when reading.

During my time at uni, I often found myself reading a book and mentally crossing things out or rearranging sentences. In other words, I was workshopping a published book. When I read Six Of Crows last year, I didn’t put my Creative Writing Hat on, enjoyed it and I learnt my lesson: Leave the hats in storage and only take them out for my own work.

2: Don’t compare myself to other authors/their work.

Another thing I was doing was comparing my lack of credentials to the author I was reading. NOT TODAY SATAN—or any more from this year going forward for that matter. Comparing my own work (an incomplete, unedited, shitty first draft) to a published book that’s been through a plethora of edits and has a stunning cover, is a silly thing to do. When this happened, I ended up in Toxic Thought World and that wasn’t great. Stopping this comparison—or rather, trying to stop it because my brain doesn’t like me that much—will allow me to detour from Toxic Thought World for a little while.

3: Don’t buy too many books.

Yes, that’s right. Remember how I said I’m doing Project 4/5? Well I’M GOING TO STICK TO IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH! That, and I’m trying to save up for a trip to Europe with my friend, which means resisting temptation at Dymocks/QBD and the free shipping coupons from online bookstores.

4: Don’t keep books I don’t like (unless they’re signed).

Last year there were MANY books I didn’t like, but alas I hoarded them because I couldn’t give them up: They looked good on my shelves, I had spent time reading it in the first place, it would be wasted money, etc. In saying that, I discovered I was comfortable donating my books to the Little Library at Melbourne Central so I’ll be unhauling the books I don’t like this year over there. Who knows, maybe someone might like what I didn’t!

Unless the books are signed because that would be weird for someone NOT called Olivia to pick it up and go ‘Naw, cute. It’s signed.’ Those little gems (despite me not enjoying them) I’m keeping forever.

5: Don’t judge a book by its cover or blurb.

Yes, this is a bit of a cliché. Yes, I’m aware I’ve been Ms Judgey before. I’m hoping to change my mentality because I might read a blurb and think, ‘This sounds like this other book I liked/didn’t like.’ Or it might be, ‘I loathe these tropes so Nope.’

A vague blurb might be deceiving: If it says, ‘boy meets girl and they develop a connection’ my first thoughts would be ‘Ick more unnecessary romance.’ But if I read the book it could very well be ‘boy meets girl, they become friends, and work together to help the girl get the girl while fighting crime on the streets of Melbourne.’


(And if a book like that does exist let me know in the comments, or I might write it for NaNo this year)

6: Do support local bookstores.

Honesty time: Last year I bought so many books off The Book Depository. While that’s fabulous for my bank account (sort of), it’s not supporting Aussie bookstores. This year, I might buy something online, but it’ll be from an Aussie online bookstore—like Booktopia or Dymocks online. Similarly, on my breaks at work or uni, if I have the urge to buy a book I’ll pop into QBD or Dymocks instead of going online. If I’m out and stumble across and independent bookstore, who knows, I might take a look and see if anything catches my eye!

7: Do reviews for most—if not all—the books I’ve read this year.

This is mainly so that I am motivated to keep blogging. Even if it doesn’t make it on the blog, the very least I can do is write a one sentence review on Goodreads—which is something I’m doing in my reading journal (it’s harder than it sounds).

8: Do support my blogger pals and spam them with comments and likes.

I WILL SPAM ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS WITH LIKES AND COMMENTS ON ALL THE SOCIALS BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT! They’re all such hard working little beans that I’ve come to know and love and care for in the last twelve months. They’re the reason why I’ve picked up several books, and why I want to start blogging again. If you’re reading this YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE.

9: Do attend book club every month.

Attending The YA Room’s monthly book-meets really improved my mental health last year. Not only was I actively being social, but I have made so many great and wonderful friends in a loving and supportive community. I missed a few book-meets last year due to work or personal circumstances, but this year—now that I have Sundays off—I will go to all the book meets, and engage more with the YA community.

10: Do enjoy the process.

I guess this ties in with the first resolution I wrote. This year, I want to enjoy the process of reading, using it as an escape rather than a way to compare myself to someone else. Enjoying the read instead of mentally editing a work that’s been through the mill a thousand and one times already. Enjoy all the bookish events. Enjoy all the bookish chats.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

That’s it for me today! What are some of your bookish goals or resolutions? Would love to know in the comments below!


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