Imperium – Pilot Episode

This is the first fifteen minutes of a pilot that I had to write as part of an assignment I did in 2016 for screenwriting. I was thinking about it the other day and thought I might post it on here. There is also a 500 word reflection attached at the bottom of the file, … Continue reading Imperium – Pilot Episode



Sapphire Sapphire fastened her mask of lapis lazuli, with cobalt gems and ribbon and ceramic, to her face. It showed only her eyes, which were a twin set of pearls; iridescent things that were a multitude of colour when light shone in the right places. The dress she wore was from the finest silver. It … Continue reading Garnet


She had somehow survived the night, and made it back to her family’s house in the early hours of the morning. Fern only knew the way her head pulsed to a steady beat behind her skull, the way her blood throbbed in her veins. Gris. His eyes materialised behind her eyelids, twin pools of liquid … Continue reading Magnets


Sara Her trousers and shirt were made with the blades of time, and with the same care gardeners show their violets. The fabrics were an ensemble of lilac and cream, an absurd pattern that only women like her could pull off. She was armed with her cello, the bow her companion. Sara was to meet … Continue reading Sanctuary


Lila Lila’s hair was thick like the universe and the colour of the galaxy. Her eyes were like the moon, big, round, bright, but the irises weren’t white. They were an intergalactic painting of black, blue, and everything in between. Her pendant was a minefield of electric colour. Greens, purples, blues, it all popped against … Continue reading Clusters

Sweet Tooth

James scowled at the sheet of paper in his hand. The crumpled image of a child – seven-year-old Burt – smiling a toothy grin at him, as though little Burt were there in the office with James. Information about the child – lives close to the city, Grade 2, adores lollies – ran down the … Continue reading Sweet Tooth