Scene From Darius

Despite the harsh chill of winter, and the snow falling like shuriken’s, Darius was onsite. They stung his cheeks, the splinters of white. But she was there already, as she always was there before him. Today, she was crouched on a statue. No, she was on top of a face, upturned towards the grey canvas of the sky, in what Darius thought resembled power, authority. It was his creation and his muse, together.

They were always together.

His rolled his shoulders, torso naked to the winters torment, lush, iridescent wings flexing. Then he worked. Flesh collided with marble, ten fingers against ten tonnes of glittering rock. His fingers moved like a whip, his touch there one moment and gone the next.

Like a blizzard or torrential rain, flakes of metallic and dyed stone flew around him.Read More »



Sapphire fastened her mask of lapis lazuli, with cobalt gems and ribbon and ceramic, to her face. It showed only her eyes, which were a twin set of pearls; iridescent things that were a multitude of colour when light shone in the right places. The dress she wore was from the finest silver. It was a thing of metallic lace and wild chiffon, a sweetheart neckline accentuating the breadth of her shoulders. The garment shone against her skin, which was darker than an oceanic abyss.Read More »


Her trousers and shirt were made with the blades of time, and with the same care gardeners show their violets. The fabrics were an ensemble of lilac and cream, an absurd pattern that only women like her could pull off. She was armed with her cello, the bow her companion. Sara was to meet him again, under the guise of a performer. She wanted to be more than a musician for his pleasure, for those dramatic parties his family threw.

And she knew, that he did too.Read More »


James scowled at the sheet of paper in his hand. The crumpled image of a child – seven-year-old Burt – smiling a toothy grin at him, as though little Burt were there in the office with James. Information about the child – lives close to the city, Grade 2, adores lollies – ran down the page in lavishly curled cursive.Read More »